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8th Grade

U.S. History: 

Students will learn about our nation and its development over the last two centuries from a biblical perspective. The text specifically targets critical-thinking skills in order to demonstrate how knowledge of our history is crucial to making informed decisions about important government issues.

Physical Science:

Students will enhance their Christian worldview even further by investigating the world around us and understanding how things work. Students will deepen their understanding of lab safety and practices while increasing their knowledge of scientific tools. Students will implement the scientific method to carry out various experiments in the classroom and at home. Units will focus on: environmental changes, relationships in ecosystems, energy from the Sun, movement of the Earth, light years, origins of the universe, climate, atoms, molecules, chemical formulas, forces, speed, velocity, Newton’s laws, and sports. Students will participate in a School Science Fair in January with an opportunity to advance to a regional competition at the University of Houston. Here is a link to the classroom website:  Students can find links for helps and extra information as well as any missing assignments that they have lost copies of.


Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem-solving and real-life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion through Math exercises regularly illustrate how mathematics can be used to manage God's creation to His glory.

Language Arts:

Text  reviews the eight parts of speech, five basic sentence patterns, usage, and mechanics, and discusses grammar elements such as participles, gerunds, and infinitives. Writing projects include a news report, a character profile, a short fable, and an in-class essay.


In Bible class, the first and foremost objective is that each student be taught and understand the Gospel message (God’s salvation plan).  The students (grade 5th through high school) will be instructed using the New International Version of the Bible. The students use the ‘Bible Truths’ workbook, along with the Bible to understand the Christian worldview taught in Scripture.  One element is to understand that creation exists to declare God’s glory. We also highlight connections between the Bible and other subjects studied in school.  The text covers the Old Testament books and shows how they fit into God's plan of redemption. Your child will be encouraged to read and memorize Scripture and challenged to apply that Scripture to his or her own life.


Students in grade 5th through high school are places in a daily PE class.  This class has a main goal of strengthening the student’s growing muscles, tendons, bones, and to increase agility and mobility.  The class is adaptable for any age group, as well as, the physical ability of the individual student. We have and enforce tolerance for criticism of the individual student’s abilities