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2nd-4th grade

Social Studies:

We use a chronological narrative approach to acquaint elementary-level students with historical people, places, and events. We incorporate interactive activities such as: discussion questions, timelines, maps, and online searches—that build on the previous grade and aid your students' comprehension and retention of the materials.


Students will hone in their skills concerning number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also begin word problems at various levels. We strive for our math program to engage student interest, using age-appropriate themes and clear explanations. On the elementary level, new concepts are introduced with student manipulatives to promote interactive learning, and at every level math is presented as a tool for obeying Genesis 1:28. Our teachers ensure comprehension of basic concepts and build on that foundation with frequent review and  introduction of new topics.


The Bible presents us with a view of the world we live in and the tools we should use to study it. We help students understand the truths of God’s Word and recognize false ideas and theories. Our teachers point out the infinite wisdom and designing hand of God in His creation and its laws. We use a hands on learning approach to enrich the students understanding and retention of the subject matter.  We cover Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science in our 2nd-4th grade classes using age-appropriate, lab-style activities and projects that engage students in developing and applying science process skills.

Language Arts:

Students will learn and apply basic grammatical skills including sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. Special focus is given to the skills of study and reference, vocabulary, and listening and speaking. Students cover one part of speech at a time with systematic review and ample practice, helping them develop writing skills and guiding them through the writing process as they write reports, stories, descriptions, poems, letters, and essays.


Students will begin reading level appropriate novels and picture books. While they read, they will examine the text to identify the text structure such as: character, setting, plot, sequencing, main idea, topic and details. We encourage higher-level thinking, emphasize character traits and Biblical principles and truths, and helps students grow in reading comprehension with compelling stories and interactive learning.


Students learn God’s truth for practical living through a thematic, chronological study of the Old and New Testaments. We focus on scripturally supported overviews of key biblical doctrines, unit memory verses and hymns, and supplemental read-aloud stories.  Chapel is held weekly where the students are encouraged to worship God with their peers.


The elementary students are placed in a class together. This class has a main goal of strengthening the student’s growing muscles, tendons, bones, and to increase agility and mobility.  The class is adaptable for any age group, as well as, the physical ability and maturity level of the individual student.