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Car Line Procedure

GCA procedures for morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups

•Cars will enter the drop-off /pick-up line from the south end of Penick Rd. and will exit onto Key St.

•There will be cones establishing the  stopping point in the line. For the safety of the children, PLEASE do not go past the cones.

•For your child’s safety, please do not allow students out of car until they are in the drop-off zone  by GCA’s doors. We will have someone there to help with the procedure.

•Should drop-off lines be full, please continue the waiting line onto Penick Rd. in the southern direction. Make sure not to block traffic in any direction. Thank you.

•School doors in the drop-off zone will be locked at 7:55am. Any students arriving at school after 7:55am must enter through the school’s main entrance on Penick Rd.

•If you choose to walk your child in to school, you will need to park your car at the school’s main entrance on Penick Rd.

•Any Pick-up after 3:45pm will have to park on Penick Rd. and come in the main entrance of the building to retrieve their student. Students in the afterschool program are to be picked up in the fellowship hall. We will not be doing drop-off and pick-up in cars for our after school program.

•Teacher/Volunteer parking is available in the lot located across the school’s main entrance

•Each family will  receive 2 placards to be placed in visible site on the passenger side front dash/window to assist in student pick up. If the family does not have their placard, they will not be allowed to pick up their child in the drop-off/pick-off line and will need to pick up their child from the front main entrance.

•Additional placards are available upon request by the parent and must be picked up in person.

•Children MUST enter the vehicle from the same side that they walk/load from and will NOT be allowed to cross in between cars.