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Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s experiences at Grace Christian Academy. Opportunities to work in classrooms, concerts, plays and other activities are open to parents. GCA holds to the policy that each family at GCA must volunteer at least 20 hours during each school year. This can be accomplished by ANY member of the immediate family, extended family, or even a family friend. Family members may coordinate their volunteer hours with the campus volunteer coordinator. Teachers welcome conferences with parents who request them. Children will be more productive and effective students when parent support is evident. As indicated above, parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in their child’s educational experiences here at Grace Christian Academy. However, if that participation reaches a point of interfering with the educational process, the parent will be so notified. It is GCA’s policy to make every effort to work with parents however, a parent’s misconduct toward or about Grace Christian Academy faculty or staff may result in a required withdrawal of one’s student(s) and does not negate the contractual obligation to pay tuition and fees. We request that parents who help in the classroom or on field trips dress modestly and in accordance with GCA’s dress code standards. Parents volunteering on a regular basis and/or for an unsupervised situation with students will be required to complete a background check on a yearly academic calendar basis. There is a nominal fee for the background check that must be paid by the volunteer and not at the expense of GCA. Parents volunteering to drive are required to fill out a “Volunteer Driver” form and a background check.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

·      Lunch Service (Friday Pizza Pick Up)

·      Field Trips (Elementary and Jr/Sr High)

·      Fundraisers (Dinner & Auction, Golf Tournament, Clay Shooting Tournament)

·      Special Events (Teacher Appreciation Week, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad)

·      Photography (Taking photos and editing for Yearbook and Social Media)

·      Clubs (Drama, Athletics, Student Council)

·      Homeroom Parent Program (Assists with class parties/activities)