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7th Grade

Texas History:

Students will explore the history of the state of Texas and understand how past events affect today’s society. Students will engage in a study of Native Americans, the Alamo, and other significant events in our state’s history.

Life Science:

Students will continue to develop a Christian worldview in science and explore the differences between Creation and Evolution.  Students will practice lab safety and learn about the various lab equipment and their uses. Focus throughout the school year will be on: scientific method, earth and space, cell theory, ecosystems, biomes, genetics, biodiversity, the human body, matter, force, motion, and energy. There will be many labs throughout the school year, with some dissections even in the mix. Students will participate in a School Science Fair in January with an opportunity to advance to a regional competition at the University of Houston. The classroom website is: Here parents and students can see what is going on in class as well as obtain any papers that may be missing.


Math covers mathematical concepts such as fractions, percents, probability, statistics, and integers and also introduces students to algebra. The educational materials aims to demonstrate to students how to apply math in everyday life and how to use math to fulfill the biblical dominion mandate. The educational materials also enhances critical thinking skills by challenging students to think of different ways to solve problems.

Language Arts:

The seventh-grade English educational materials covers all eight parts of speech, the five basic sentence patterns, usage concepts such as agreement, and mechanics. Adjective clauses and complex sentences are also introduced. Writing projects include a biographical sketch, an in-class essay, a letter to the editor, and a book report.


In Bible class, the first and foremost objective is that each student be taught and understand the Gospel message (God’s salvation plan).  The students will be instructed using the New International Version of the Bible. The students use the ‘Bible Truths’ workbook, along with the Bible to understand the Christian worldview taught in Scripture.  One element is to understand that creation exists to declare God’s glory. We also highlight connections between the Bible and other subjects studied in school. The text covers Christ’s life as well as the historical, cultural, and geographical background to the Gospels. Your teen will be inspired by the example of Christ as He dealt with both friends and enemies. Additionally, he or she will learn many valuable lessons from Christ’s sermons, parables, and miracles.


Students in grade 5th through high school are places in a daily PE class.  This class has a main goal of strengthening the student’s growing muscles, tendons, bones, and to increase agility and mobility.  The class is adaptable for any age group, as well as, the physical ability of the individual student. We have and enforce tolerance for criticism of the individual student’s abilities.