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Pizza Friday:

We use volunteers to serve the pizza. See the sign-up below to pick a time to earn those service hours.

Every Friday Backdoor Pizza is brought to the school for those students and staff members who pre-order pizza. Once a month, (usually the last week of the prior month), a monthly pizza order form is sent home. There is a “Due By Date” at the top of the order form in order to make sure that we are ordering enough.  All you have to do is place a check mark in the box under the date that you want to have pizza ordered for your child. The cost is $5 for each day your child has pizza. This includes 2 slices of pizza, applesauce, and a bottle of water. Each additional slice is $1. The only exception to the cost is if you order gluten free pizza. The cost for gluten free is $10 and it’s for the entire small pizza. You cannot order extra slices of gluten free.  All money must be turned in when the order form is due.