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New Extracurricular Activities!!

What are these clubs you might ask? The clubs will meet approximately once a week during school and it gives students the opportunity for leadership roles while having fun and learning outside the normal studies. Let's dive in and take a look! 
Science Club
The Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. We discuss how to use this conceptual basis for applications in the real world with a focus on Agriculture(The Green Thumb Club). Trips are taken to museums, aquariums, and local activities along with a Science Fair. This club will be open to all grade levels. 
Reading Buddies/Tutor Buddies
The reading buddies program pairs up an older student with a younger student for them to take turns reading to one another. It allows for authentic reading practice and a model of fluent reading among many other benefits!
The Tutor Buddies program pairs up an older student with a younger student to help the younger student in needed areas of possible extra work, practice, or present work to be completed. It allows for one on one instruction/help in these areas of need.  
Cooking Club
The Cooking Club will be made up of older and younger students with the purpose of learning the basic life skill of cooking. They will be using math in learning to measure ingredients, science in how cooking relates to the ingredients used, and social skills in working together to create these cooked items like cookies, etc. This club will be open to all grade levels. 
Drama/Theater Club
The Drama/Theater Club will have opportunities for those interested students to act out Biblical scenes to others both younger, their peers, and families from time to time as well as other skits and/or small plays. This club will also have speaking opportunities available. This may include during Elementary Chapel times, school-wide gatherings, and with extended families and friends where appropriate. 
Bible Club
This club will be looking at the Bible with a Christian world perspective in a survey method. This club will be looking at what all was happening surrounding Biblical times and how it impacted what was recorded in the Scripture. They will also look at how we approach our world today from a Christian perspective and how the world impacts our understanding of Scripture. This club will be open to upper-grade levels. 
Journalism/Year Book Development
This club will endeavor to help in producing our regular Crusader Chronicle and have input in our Yearbook development(pictures, articles, ad solicitation, and layout, etc.). They will also have the opportunity to help in our school’s social media publications. This club will be open to upper-grade levels. 
We are very excited to have these opportunities for our students and maybe asking for some help from you all as well!

Student Activities Fund

We are always looking to add activities to enrich the learning environment here at GCA.  Donating to student activities helps us provide band, drama, team sports, special field trips and more.