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Year End Giving Campaign - Success!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our End of Year Campaign! It was a success! YOU made a difference not only in helping the school but providing for the students. 



At GCA, like most private schools, fundraising is a very important tool we used to help keep tuition costs reasonable. We need 100% participation from families to ensure the fundraiser's success. We try to have at least one fundraiser each year that can directly impact family accounts according to their extent of participation. Because of the size of our student body at this time and the plans for future development for GCA our board of directors has established 3 main fundraisers for our school. The proceeds for these events go to provide for current costs like teacher salaries and student scholarships, as well as, future goals like adding programs and owning our own building.   

In addition to fundraisers, donations are always accepted. Grace Christian Academy is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that allows for all donations to be tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines.

We hope that you will consider investing in the students of Grace Christian Academy through fundraisers or donations.